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       Hot Offers


We offer training through-out the season, often on demand but we are also running a number of preferred courses on set dates.  These courses not only represent excellent value with reduced prices but also have fun events organized around the course as well.  We need a minimum of 4 people to run these hot offers. Remember we include free kit hire on all courses including the remainder of your weekend’s dive.  You can get full course details by clicking the name below.



Rescue course is our main priority in 2013 and this is where most of our specials will be palced.  Whether you are an Open Water Diver or an experienced Advenaced diver, you should begin to make plans to becoming  a PADI Rescue diver  Ask for our sopecial offers

Recompression Awareness Specialty         Normally € 125       

Take the mystery and fear out of Recompression treatment with this course.  It consists of a theory class, a presentation on hyperbaric medicine, a tour of the recompression chamber and a dry dive.  Lunch and a donation to Rehab Spinal Injuries is also covered in this course fee.  


Underwater Naturalist Specialty         

                                                                    Normally €  150  Hot offer € 99     

This course will coincide with World Dive Into Earth day.  Course consists of 2 dives.


Delayed Surface Marker Buoy Specialty          

                                                                                               Normally €  150   Hot offer € 99

Don’t get wrapped up in knots, learn how to use an SMB properly.  Crucial training for all divers but especially anyone boat diving.  Course consists of pool practice, theory class and 2 dives.


Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty            

May 15                                                                                   Normally € 150    Hot offer € 99

A bit like yoga for divers.  Improve your air consumption, relax while diving and carry less weight.  Course consists of pool practice, theory class and 2 dives.  This dive is suitable for all.


Seal Awareness Distinctive Specialty            

Only on offer from Dive Inn Scuba, learn about our furry dive friends.  This includes a tour of Seal harbour and a chance to dive near seals and maybe even encounter them underwater, an unforgettable experience. 


Deep Diver Specialty                                

                                                                         Normally € 225   Hot offer € 175

Are there dives below 30 m that you would love to do?  Maybe The Laurentic or U-boat in Donegal?  Extend your depth range with this course and do 4 deep dives under the close supervision of our experienced instructors.


Underwater Navigation Specialty                    

                                                                          Normally € 175   Hot offer € 125 

 To take control underwater you need confidence in your navigation skills.  It’s always nice to know where you are going but even better to know you can get home.  By the end of this course you are will be able to navigate around a course, picking up clues along the way and maybe solving a mystery on the way.


Digital Underwater Photography Specialty        

                                                                          Normally € 175  Hot offer € 125

We cannot guarantee National Geo quality but we can help you to improve the look of your of your underwater photos.  With class sessions, pool practice, 2 dives and digital manipulation of pics there is a lot to learn.  We provide use of an underwater camera for the dives.  You can even include your top pics in our annual photo competition.


Underwater Search & Recovery Specialty      

                                                                          Normally € 225  Hot offer € 175  

Learn how to search for items large and small and once found how to safely lift them.  Who will find the pirate treasure and will they get it to the surface in one piece?  There are 4 dives on this course so it is run over 2 days.


Wreck Diver Specialty                       


Ship wrecks are more than just an attractive background to a dive they all have history as well.  Who sailed on them, what port did they dock in, how did they end up under the water?  Over 4 dives you will learn how to navigate a wreck and how to lay lines so that you can safely penetrate a wreck and get back out again. 


Boat Diver Specialty                                      

July 30                                                              Normally € 160   Hot offer € 99

If you don’t know your port from your starboard, your bow from your stern then this is the course for you.  As well as learning the techniques for diving from different boats, you will learn how to assist a boat skipper with basic knots, navigation, safety, weather and tides. Includes 2 boat dives.


Diver Propulsion Vehicle                          

September 18                                                    Normally € 150   Hot offer € 120

Dive like James Bond and see the whole of the quarry in one go.  You will learn to handle the scooter and negotiate the underwater obstacles.  Yes we will make sure there will be obstacles!   With this certification, you can rent DPVs at many sites and they are ideal for big wrecks or far swims but mostly it’s just for fun.


Underwater Videographer Specialty       

September 24                                                    Normally € 150   Hot offer € 120

If a photo tells a 1000 tales, what can a movie do!  Even compact cameras have a video function so with some tuition and practice you will have movies worthy of showing; maybe even the next YouTube hit.  The course also covers building a storyboard and digital manipulation after shooting. 


Night Diver Specialty                          

October 28-30                                                    Normally €175   Hot offer € 125

It is dark and spooky on a night dive but also kind of exciting and fascinating, with a whole different set of marine life at large.  Learn to plan and lead dives underwater building your confidence over 3 dives.